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Guiding Principles

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Commitment to our Patients/Clients, Caregivers and Families and to the Quadruple Aim

In keeping with our respective organizational mission, vision, and value statements, delivering care that results in the best possible outcomes and experiences - to deliver better, faster, more coordinated, equitable and person-centred care is paramount to all that we do.

Authentic Partnership and Co-design

We are committed to authentic partnership and co-design in our planning and implementation, embedding the perspective of patients/clients, caregivers and families in our work every step of the way.

Collaborative Culture

Collaboration is grounded in recognizing our respective strengths, and we will be known for our culture of collaboration and co-design. We will “lean in” and collaborate in a safe and supportive way in order to identify opportunities to be more efficient and effective for the people we serve, rather than the interests we represent. We will share information and knowledge, and promote integrity, mutual respect and teamwork so that our patients/clients experience integrated care and seamless transitions throughout their care journey.

Population Health, Equity and Access

Using a population health approach, we are committed to eliminating barriers to access and achieving equitable, inclusive, respectful and culturally safe care and services, with particular focus on the unique barriers to health for Indigenous, Francophone or otherwise marginalized populations.

Coordination and Integration

Solutions that are coordinated and integrated will better serve our patients/clients, caregivers and families, transforming people’s experiences of care from disjointed to coordinated, reactive to proactive, and support the building of community capacity for prevention and early intervention.

Spread and Sustainability

We will act for the individual and learn for the population. The savings we create through collaborative efforts will be used to further NOHT-ESON joint efforts to better serve our attributed population.

Innovation and Excellence

A commitment to innovation and excellence will underpin the work of our OHT. We face common challenges and through our joint commitment to innovation and excellence, we will be creative and evidence-based in our solutions.

Commitment to Quality Improvement

We commit to the application of a performance evaluation framework to support continuous quality improvement.

Creativity/Continuous Learning

We support a culture of critical thinking, continuous learning and creativity to better service our patients/clients, families, caregivers, partners and broader community.

Commitment to a Journey

We commit to ongoing planning and evolution of our programs and services. Our planning will be continuous and will evolve and mature through our ongoing discussions and engagement.

Digital Transformation

Provide patients/clients/caregivers/families with the opportunity to access their own information and providers to share information with one another in order to minimize duplication, and improve access to holistic care. We will ensure that human connection remains central to our work, balanced with the benefits of digital transformation.

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