Next Steps

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Ministry Review Process

Full application submissions will be evaluated by third-party reviewers and the Ministry of Health according to standard criteria that reflect the readiness and ability of teams to successfully implement the model and Year 1 expectations for Ontario Health Team Candidates.

Following evaluation of the Full Application there are two possible outcomes. Teams will either be:

  1. Invited to move to the final stage of evaluation or;
  2. Continue to work towards readiness as a team In Development.

Those teams evaluated as most ready to move to the final stage of evaluation may also be invited to participate in community visits, which will then further inform the final selection of the first cohort of Ontario Health Team Candidates.

Stakeholder Forum

The Communications Working Group of the NOHT-ESON will be organizing a stakeholder forum/event. Further details will follow.

Commitment to Ongoing Collaboration

The NOHT-ESON is committed to ongoing collaboration in recognition of the collective benefits of a continued partnership to form one Ontario Health Team. More importantly, NOHT-ESON acknowledges that this is the beginning of an iterative journey to deliver on the vision of a full continuum of care that is integrated, innovative, and improves health outcomes, the patient/client and provider experience, and ensures value for our broader Niagara community.

Niagara Health System