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The Research Ethics Board reports to the Medical Advisory Committee and through them to the Niagara Health Board of Directors.


The REB is to ensure that any and all health-related research carried out by staff, students or anyone conducting research at, or under the auspices of Niagara Health, is:

  • Of the highest quality possible
  • Protects the interests of the human subjects
  • Is in compliance with "The World Medical Association declaration of Helsinki"
  • Is in compliance with the ‘Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (1998)’, including all amendments
  • In compliance with the Ontario Privacy legislation, and
  • In compliance with other applicable laws and ethical guidelines, i.e. Canada Food & Drug Regulations, as well as ICH GCP guidelines.
Scope of Responsibility
  1. To keep current on all ethical issues that relate to research on humans
  2. To review (approve, reject, modify, terminate) any proposed or ongoing research, at all sites of Niagara Health 
  3. To ensure that the resource implications of the proposed research have been reviewed and signed-off by the administration / program management of Niagara Health.
  4. To create and operate mechanisms for the review and monitoring of on-going research
  5. To serve as a resource to the research community; communicating and advising researchers on guidelines, procedures, experimental design and other matters relating to the ethical conduct of research on humans.

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