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Patient Care Statistics

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STATISTICS 2021/2022

These statistics reflect our program and patient activity during our fiscal year, April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. Patient activity was impacted in a number of areas due to the pandemic.


*Beds: 1,054

Admissions: 33,390

Surgical Cases

Inpatient: 6,841

Outpatient: 34,464

*Includes Acute, Complex Care, Long-Term Care and Mental Health and Addictions.


Mental Health: 24,142

Dialysis/Renal: 64,404

**Emergency and Urgent Care: 172,174

Other Outpatient: 547,571

Care by Numbers

Babies Born: 3,629

MRI Scans: 22,126

Cataract Surgeries: 5,647

Heart Investigation Unit Procedures: 2,260

**Niagara Health operates the fourth largest Emergency Department in the province.

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