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Niagara Health Navigator

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Your virtual front door to health services in Niagara

Niagara Health Navigator is a mobile app that gives you access to a growing set of resources to help you navigate your care journey.

Join us and the over 47,000 people who have already downloaded the app.

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Niagara Health Navigator is a mobile app that gives you access to a growing set of resources to help you navigate your care journey.

We are adding new services all the time

Niagara Health is on a journey to transform online health services so they are convenient, more user-friendly for patients to use and protect their identity while accessing health care online. Get started with:

Check-in for diagnostic appointments

Use Appointment Manager to confirm and check-in virtually for your next appointment

Diagnostic imaging records

Use PocketHealth to download and share imaging results with your healthcare team

Wait times

See the latest wait times in our Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centres

Mental health and addictions

Find services for adults and youth in the community

Book your COVID-19 test

Schedule an appointment at one of our COVID-19 Assessment Centres

Get involved

Join our Engagement Network and learn about other ways to connect to the NH community

These digital health services are just the beginning. Over time we will add more to Niagara Health Navigator to create a seamless digital experience for everyone who accesses care at Niagara Health.

Verify your identity with an Ontario trusted account

Verify your identity with an Ontario trusted account

Create an Ontario trusted account to access digital services available in the Niagara Health Navigator.

Safer and easier to connect to healthcare online.

By creating your account in the Niagara Health Navigator, your access to health services become much more streamlined and secure.

“Ontarians deserve a twenty-first century health care system that leverages modern technology to make it easier, simpler and more convenient for patients to navigate their health care journey, while still safeguarding patient privacy and security. The Ontario trusted account is an example of how made-in-Ontario innovations can enhance the patient experience and support better, connected patient care.”

– Christine Elliott, former Deputy Premier and Minister of Health

“Providing patients with a safe and secure Digital Identity service is another way we’re building a people-focused government that delivers simpler and easier services when, where and how the people of Ontario need them. This initiative is also an important step towards delivering on our promise to introduce a Digital Identity to all Ontarians by the end of 2021.”

– Peter Bethlenfavy, Minister of Finance and Minister Responsible for Digital and Data Transformation

Latest news and app updates

Niagara Health patients are first in Ontario to access diagnostic scans under one digital ID

Jun 23rd, 2021

Patients at Niagara Health are among the first in the province who can access their diagnostic records through Ontario trusted account, a unique patient digital identity service.

Digital identity service to place patients at the centre of their care

Mar 30th, 2021

Niagara Health, Southlake Regional Health Centre, North York General Hospital, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and their technology partners, IDENTOS and SecureKey Technologies, are proud to introduce the Ontario trusted account

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Ontario trusted account is the first patient digital identity service in the province. This initiative funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health. Niagara Health is leading this initiative in partnership with Southlake Regional Health Centre, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and North York General Hospital to bring this solution and capability to more patients.

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Looking to the future

Niagara Health Navigator is building the foundation for digital health services in Ontario

More Ontarians than ever are accessing healthcare online. Accessing health services needs to be more convenient and connected to the care they receive in-person. They also need to be able to trust that their personal health information is safe no matter which website or online tool they are using.

Niagara Health is leading the way through the technology powering Niagara Health Navigator and the Ontario trusted account. We are designing and developing these technology solutions in Ontario in partnership with our patients, clinicians, health service providers and health technology companies.

Our aim is to create seamless experiences for patients using health services online.

Join us on this journey. Download the app today.

Niagara Health Navigator is a mobile app that gives you access to a growing set of resources to help you navigate your care journey.

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