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Delivering seamless hospital care

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State-of-the-art hospitals. Specialized care. Seamless access to the services you need.

We are building a new, modern hospital system to improve patient experiences and deliver connected care for communities across Niagara.

We are transforming our hospital buildings and how we provide care.

We will deliver seamless care to patients and their families across Niagara at three cornerstone hospitals in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and Welland.

We are replacing outdated, outgrown infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities. They will be warm and welcoming, with modern technology, private rooms, more beds and services.

By bringing together our staffing and expertise at three modern hospitals, we will provide patients access to the highest quality care.

Our new hospital system will significantly increase capacity to meet the needs of Niagara’s growing and aging population. It will help people in all communities we serve connect to care closer to home.

We will leverage our seamless hospital system to create stronger connections to our local healthcare partners to expand access to primary care, mental healthcare, chronic disease management and other services.

Transforming our hospitals and how we deliver care means patients will receive specialized care from the best clinical experts. We will provide improved access to specialized mental health and addictions, cardiac, kidney, stroke, cancer, complex care, wellness and aging, eye care and maternity care. 

Building a better connected hospital system will enable patients and their caregivers to move seamlessly between services in our region and their health care records will follow them. 

As we continue on our journey to transform healthcare in Niagara, we will be starting public community engagement to provide information and updates on our future plans for a three-site hospital system.

View our Community Engagement schedule

The Road Ahead

We’re about halfway there!

The St. Catharines hospital, the first of our three cornerstone hospitals, was completed in 2013.

We broke ground on the new South Niagara hospital in July 2023 and expect to begin welcoming patients in summer 2028. For news and project updates, visit the South Niagara Hospital page.

We will be redeveloping the Welland Hospital pending confirmation of a capital planning grant from the Ontario Government. Preliminary planning for the project is well underway.

By the end of this process, we will have three modern hospitals that will be Niagara Health.

Share Your Input

Your input is critical to the success of our transformation and how we deliver care. Engagement with our community and local elected officials will continue throughout the planning process.

Comments or questions?

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What This Means For Our Other Sites

Our current sites in Welland, Port Colborne, Fort Erie and Niagara Falls have served our communities well for decades, but they are beyond the point of renovation or redevelopment to meet Niagara’s future needs.

Following the opening of the new South Niagara hospital in Niagara Falls in 2028, we will gift our current site in Niagara Falls to the City of Niagara Falls. The city will determine the best use for the site to benefit the community.

We will transition programs and services from the Fort Erie and Port Colborne sites to the South Niagara and Welland sites when the new South Niagara hospital opens. 

We are working very closely with local elected officials in these communities and the provincial government to support these changes.

As we prepare to transition services, we will work and engage with our communities to determine how we can best utilize the Fort Erie and Port Colborne sites to benefit the community. 

Why We Are Transforming

Niagara Health is facing three major challenges: outdated infrastructure, disconnected services and staffing shortages. 

  • Building a modern, three-site hospital system will help us overcome these challenges and improve patient care.
  • Patients and families will have access to more care and services in state-of-the-art hospitals.
  • It will help us to recruit and retain more expert doctors, nurses and staff.
  • Our people will be able to practice to the fullest of their expertise in a collaborative, supportive environment.
  • We will continue to work together with our community health partners to expand access to care across Niagara.


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