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Compliments and Concerns

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Patient and family feedback is important in helping us improve our services. There are a number of ways you can give us your compliments, concerns and suggestions.

At any time during your stay in the hospital, we encourage you to discuss your questions and concerns directly with a member of your healthcare team (i.e., nurse, unit manager or treating physician).

You may be asked to participate in our Patient Satisfaction Survey that sees trained volunteers visit patients in their rooms to complete a questionnaire. If a need is not being met, the unit manager is immediately notified of a patient concern that needs to be addressed.

When you return home, you may receive a satisfaction survey in the mail or a call from one of our staff members seeking feedback on your experience with us.

You can also help us thank members of our team for doing extraordinary work.

Email compliments to or call 905-378-4647, ext. 44423.

If there are matters which you feel require further attention, we encourage you to contact our Patient Relations team. Click here for Patient Relations.

There are other ways you can connect with us:

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