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Social Media Participation Guidelines for the Public

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Niagara Health Social Media Terms of Use

Niagara Health values open discussion with the public and encourages you to engage with our social media accounts. We look forward to reading your comments. When submitting content to any of Niagara Health’s social media channels, please be aware that your information will be available to the public and potentially viewed by a wide range of audiences.

To create a safe, positive and engaging environment for all users on our Niagara Health social media accounts, we ask all individuals to treat each other with civility and to respect our guidelines. Members of the Niagara Health Corporate Communications team will moderate all comments posted on our social media accounts. We reserve the right to remove comments that we deem inappropriate and to block access to repeat offenders of these guidelines.


  1. Personal attacks, harassment, aggressive behaviour and name calling
  2. Comments that are threatening, obscene, profane and that contain hate speech, degrade others or are deemed abusive
  3. Statement that are libelous, such as allegations of criminal activity or comments that unfairly harm the reputation of a person or organization
  4. Use of an offensive username
  5. Trolling or repetitive, off-topic posts
  6. Content that is unrelated to the post
  7. Misrepresentation of the content – must comply with copyright laws and intellectual property rights
  8. Impersonation or false claims to represent a person or organization
  9. Content that breaks the law or encourages others to do so
  10. Personal information such as private health information and contact information related to the poster or others
  11. Commercial links for the purpose of sales or advertising
Information and content displayed on Niagara Health social media accounts should not replace, or be accepted as medical advice. This information is solely provided for the user’s general knowledge. Please contact an appropriate healthcare provider if you require medical information or medical care.

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