Board of Directors

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Our Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated volunteers from across the Niagara region. This diverse group is committed to ensuring high-quality, safe, sustainable care and is accountable to the community.

The Board is made up of the following individuals.

Bernice (Bunny) Alexander

Bernice (Bunny) Alexander

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Larry Boggio - Board of Directors - NHS

Larry Boggio

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John Bragagnolo - Board of Directors - NHS

John Bragagnolo

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Marti Jurmain - Board of Directors - NHS

Marti Jurmain

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Dr. Ron Mergl - Board of Directors

Dr. Ron Mergl

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Ken Kawall - Board of Directors - NH

Ken Kawall

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John MacDonald - Board of Directors

John MacDonald

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Murray Paton - Board of Directors - NHS

Murray Paton

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Charles Rate - Board of Directors

Charles Rate

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Cathy Sutherland - Board of Directors - NHS

Cathy Sutherland

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Rob Tiffin - Board of Directors - NHS

Rob Tiffin

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Barry Wright - Board of Directors - NHS

Barry Wright

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Niagara Health is seeking two (2) new members for our Community Advisory Committee and we are reaching out to you!

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Contact information

Email Danielle Dube
905-378-4647, ext. 43103

Board Executive

John MacDonald Chair, Board of Directors

John Bragagnolo - Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

Ken KawallTreasurer

Dr. Suzanne JohnstonSecretary (ex officio role held by the President)

Board Committees

Quality Committee
Larry Boggio -Chair
Marti Jurmain - Vice-Chair

Governance Committee
John BragagnoloChair
Bunny Alexander - Vice-Chair

Resources & Audit Committee
Ken KawallChair
Cathy SutherlandVice-Chair

Medical Advisory Committee (ex officio role always held by the Chief of Staff)
Dr. Thomas Stewart, Chair

Non-Board Committee Members

In addition to the 12 Independent Directors serving on the Niagara Health Board of Directors, three non-Board Committee Members were reappointed as the Board approved the Standing Committees for 2016/17. 

These individuals are:  Mario DeDivitiis, Michael Lethby and Ashleigh Miatello-Skrubbeltrang.  The Board’s Standing Committees consist of the Governance Committee, Quality Committee and Resources and Audit Committee.

Community Advisory Committee

The Community Advisory Committee was established to ensure linkages to the community. This important point of contact speaks to the organization’s commitment to enhancing community engagement and two-way dialogue about important decisions and developments regarding the hospital. The Committee is made up of individuals from across the region, and is chaired by Niagara Health Board Member, Larry Boggio, and is also represented by Niagara Health Board Member Marti Jurmain.

Committee Members are:

John Bullivant, Rose Dzugan, Liz Froese, Greg Furtney, Richard Martinelli, Joy Russell, and John Storm. 

Ex-Officio Directors

Dr. Suzanne Johnston

Dr. Suzanne Johnston President of Niagara Health - Board of Directors - NHS

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Dr. Thomas (Tom) E. Stewart

Dr. Thomas Stewart - Board of Directors - NHS

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Derek McNally

Derek McNally

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Dr. Parminder Brar

Dr. Brar

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