Innovation at Niagara Health

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Innovation plays a vital role in improving healthcare delivery, patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. New partnerships in education and training, coupled with advancements in medical technology, allow our healthcare providers to better diagnose, treat and care for their patients.

Niagara Health is on the leading edge of developing and using innovative systems. Some of these innovations may not be as readily visible as the latest state-of-the-art equipment might be to patients and yet it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to care.

Research and Innovation

Niagara Health has heightened its focus on research that will help people stay healthy, improve both patient outcomes and the way healthcare is delivered.

Hospital-based research and collaboration are magnets for recruitment, innovation and quality improvement in healthcare. Creating a research environment elevates the standard of care and leads to better patient outcomes.

Innovation in Education   Innovation in Research

Other Innovations

Here are just a few examples of how our innovative systems are enhancing the patient experience and supporting our healthcare teams

  • Patient satisfaction survey results in real time

    Niagara Health has launched a real-time patient satisfaction measurement tool that includes an escalation process for timely resolution of concerns. This technology, developed by Niagara Health’s Information and Communications Technology team, allows trained volunteers to visit patients in their rooms using a hand-held tablet to complete the survey. The volunteers ask patients five questions covering areas such as whether a doctor or nurs...
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  • Raising Awareness of Never Events

    It was all in the timing. Years before the pan-Canadian list of Never Events was released in September 2015, Niagara Health in Southern Ontario had already begun looking at ways to advance its safety culture. Never Events, named for being incidents that should never happen, can include instances of child abductions, suicides or patients receiving the wrong surgery. Niagara Health recognized that even one Never Event was one too many. With th...
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  • Patient in-house transportation program reduces wait times

    Niagara Health's new portering system was launched in 2013 to make patient transfers within the hospital faster and smoother, whether for a diagnostic test, procedure or other need. Niagara Health worked with Connexall (an integrated technology solution company) to develop an automated notification system that allows all hospital staff involved with patient transports to follow a patient’s status or movement along the route in real time o...
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  • Smartphone app connects doctors

    Another innovative tool used by our physicians makes it faster and more secure for them to communicate with one another on their smartphones, ultimately resulting in more timely care for patients. Working with IBM and Vocera Communications, Inc., Niagara Health designed and deployed this innovative smartphone app that allows Niagara Health physicians to instant message each other through their personal smartphones. The application lets...
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  • Wait times & other information in real time

    Niagara Health was one of the first hospital systems of its size in Canada to provide its community with real-time Emergency Department and Urgent Care Centre wait times and other information about usage. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the patient experience and access to care, wait time information is available on Niagara Health’s website and on TV monitors at our sites allowing people to make decisions about how they access c...
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  • I-EQUIP partnership

    The Interprofessional Education for Quality Improvement Program functions as an extension of the classroom, providing an opportunity for students from Brock University and McMaster University’s School of Medicine – Niagara campus, as well as leaders and front-line staff from Niagara Health to work together on a variety of quality patient-care initiatives at our hospital and other healthcare organizations. This program has expanded since it wa...
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  • Helping dialysis patients connect

    Our online community for dialysis patients continues to get international attention. This project, supported by a grant from the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, focuses on self-management initiatives, learning, and education and support for kidney disease patients. It allows Niagara Health to feature an online forum between patients and includes a monthly online chat for patients to connect with health experts and one another. ...
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