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Innovation and technology at Niagara Health

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Niagara Health is on the leading edge of developing and using innovative systems.

We are constantly innovating to help provide our patients and families with the best care possible.

New partnerships, coupled with advancements in technology, allow our healthcare providers to better diagnose, treat and care for their patients. We are also a leader in the shift to community-based care – focusing on supporting patients with chronic diseases by helping them safely manage their conditions from the comfort of their home.

Here are some examples of innovation at Niagara Health:



A virtual team for primary care providers

Latest updates

Niagara Health hosts first simulated emergency with new interactive ‘SimMom’

Jul 27th, 2023

NH nurses and physicians participated in two obstetrical emergencies during Wednesday’s simulation with the new high-tech interactive SimMom mannequin.

SCOPE Niagara celebrates one year of supporting health professionals and reducing emergency department visits for patients

Jul 13th, 2023

The program helps to identify gaps in care all while reducing unnecessary visits to the ED.

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