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Physicians at Niagara Health

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Our more than 600 talented and caring physicians at Niagara Health make a meaningful difference each day in the lives of our patients and their families.  

Our physicians, from a wide range of specialties, are committed to the highest standards of care. They work together with other members of our multidisciplinary team to make a significant impact in the lives of the people we serve.

Success in physician recruitment

We continue to have great success in retaining and recruiting the best and brightest to work at our sites across Niagara. Since 2014, there have been more than 180 physician recruitments and leadership appointments at Niagara Health as we continue to attract specialists from across Canada and the world.

Some of our most recent physician recruits:

Physician Recruits 2023


Dr. Ryan Chadwick


Dr. Danielle Lowe


Dr. Anina Abrie

Dr. Natalia Ovtcharenko

Dr. Jessica Graham


Dr. Lorne Martin 

Dr. Andrew Collins

Dr. Ryan Beedling

Dr. Raven Zytaruk-Mancini 


Dr. Shahzad Tanwir

Dr. Fanny Rocio Monroy Rodriguez


Dr. Robert D'Ortenzio

Dr. Randeep Khosla

Dr. James Zheng

Dr. Sarah Byce

Dr. Kyle Evans

Dr. Ryan Zufelt

Dr. Janarthanee Suresh

Dr. Mohammad Uzair Ansari

Dr. Bogdan Beca

Dr. Yasmin Jarjarmi 

Dr. Ramsey Powell

Dr. Krista Stavrou

Dr. Si You (Sunny) Sun

Dr. Ahmad Khan

Dr. Saleha Munawar

Physician Recruits 2022


Dr. Rahim Valani

Dr. Elvira Bangert

Dr. Christine McClelland


Dr. Mashrur Rahman


Dr. Sushil Ratnaparkhe

Dr. Cassandra McCormack

Dr. James Wang

Dr. Nardeen Kodous


Dr. Matthew Lubanovic

Dr. Anhar Alhussaini

Dr. Carley Campbell

Dr. Danielle De Sa Boasquevisque

Dr. Lisa Yang

Dr. Krista Gowan

Dr. Julie Ngu

Dr. Jennifer Bisson

Dr. Robert Dinniwell

Dr. Patrick Anderson


Dr. Omkar Parthab

Dr. Lisa Gabrielli

Dr. Vernon Clifton

Dr. Aryo Rohani

Dr. Nadiya Goswami 

Dr. Hari Vasan, Niagara Health’s Hospital Donation Physician and Medical Director of the Critical Response Team.

Dr. Uthra Mohan, Gynecologist

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