Parking for Patients & Visitors

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Onsite parking is available at all Niagara Health sites. Signs at each location will direct you to park in the lots designated for patients and visitors.

A gated system is in place at our three large sites (St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Welland) and the Niagara-on-the-Lake Site. Pay and display systems are in use at the Port Colborne and Fort Erie sites. At the St. Catharines Site, we have also added new spaces for parking to better meet the needs of our patients and visitors during peak times.

When parking in lots with the gated system, there are three options to pay by cash, VISA or MasterCard. The parking system cannot take debit or debit cards.

  • You can use your VISA or MasterCard, swiping upon entry and exit. The same card must be used to enter and exit. No ticket is required.
  • You can take a ticket upon entry into the parking lot. Bring the ticket into the hospital with you – do not leave it in your vehicle. There are kiosk at the entrances, and you can pay by cash, VISA or MasterCard before leaving the building.
  • For those with tickets, you can also use your VISA or MasterCard to pay at the exit gate. You would need to insert your ticket into the machine, followed by your VISA or MasterCard.

When parking in pay and display lots, please purchase a ticket in the machine and display it on your dashboard.


Your parking dollars contribute to the purchase of necessary patient equipment. Niagara Health appreciates your support.


Click here to see current rates

  • $3.00 per ½ hour
  • $6.00 per 1½ hours
  • $8 for up to 12 hours (no in/out privileges)
  • $16.00 Daily Pass (in/out privileges)
  • $80.00 per month (31 consecutive days, to be purchased at the St. Catharines Site)
  • Staff - $25.00 bi-weekly

Multi-day H PASS packages

  • Available at Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and Welland
  • $40 for a 5 day H PASS (in/out privileges)
  • $70 for a 10 day H PASS (in/out privileges)
  • $180 for a 30 day H PASS (in/out privileges)

H PASS features

  • Unlimited in-and-out privileges over a 24-hour period
  • Transferable between patients, visitors and vehicles
  • Valid for consecutive and non-consecutive days
  • Valid for one calendar year from date of purchase
  • Multi-day packages can be used in Lots A and B at St. Catharines, Lot B at Niagara Falls and Lot B at Welland. The H PASS Packages can be purchased at the Cashier Offices at Niagara Falls and Welland and the Parking Office at St. Catharines during regular business hours.

For more information, please email our parking office or call 1-888-783-7275.

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