• The soothing power of music

    Our Music and Memory Program is making a positive difference in the lives of residents at our Extended Care Unit.

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  • I am Niagara Health

    I am Niagara Health focuses on people living our CORE values and recognizes extraordinary team members for their contributions to create a healthier Niagara through individual efforts, teamwork and partnerships.

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  • Infection Control is in your hands

    Infection control: It's in your hands

    It's National Infection Control Week. Effective infection control practices are important in helping to keep our patients and staff safe.

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  • Emergency Department Team

    How we care for you in the Emergency Department

    Our ultimate goal is to provide patients with safe, quality care in a timely manner.

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You Medication Matters

Your Medications Matter

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Who We Are

Niagara Health is entering an era of great opportunity and the inspiration behind this is one, unifying goal: To provide all of our patients, families, staff, physicians, students, learners and volunteers extraordinary experiences. 

Building a Healthier Niagara

We are pleased to provide an update on our work to improve access to healthcare services and provide the best possible patient experiences for all Niagara residents.  Find out more on what services our proposals include in Niagara Falls and Welland.

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Quality & Performance

Niagara Health Accredited with Exemplary Standing

We are proud to be accredited with Exemplary Standing, a demonstration of our team’s commitment to the highest safety and quality standards for every person, every time.

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News & Updates from Niagara Health

Just book it: Five minutes could save your life

Just book it: Five minutes could save your life

Posted Oct 10th, 2018

Women ages 50-74 should speak with their healthcare providers about breast screening options.

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Niagara Health cannabis policy

Niagara Health cannabis policy

Posted Oct 17th, 2018

Niagara Health prohibits certain items and substances from being present on our premises and recreational cannabis is one of these substances.

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