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Proposed Services - Welland

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In recognition of the urgent need for greater access to healthcare in our community, the planning for the South Niagara Site continues to move forward. 

Proposed Services in Welland by Category

Centre of Excellence with Specialized Services

Eye Care 

Other Proposed Services

Emergency ServicesDiagnosticsMental HealthKidney care | Medical Surgical Program | Public Resources

Based on community feedback, we have adjusted our proposal to the Ministry of Health to develop a robust plan for Welland that will keep the hospital open and provide a wide range of services.

The site will feature a Centre of Excellence in eye care as well as a long list of outpatient services including dialysis, complex care mental health and addictions services, to name a few.

The Welland City Council, as well as the provincial government, has endorsed this proposal, which is before the Ministry of Health for formal approvals.

Emergency Services

New Model of 24/7 Emergency Services

8-10 Observation Beds (treatment for patients who may require up to 24 hours of care

Stabilization, Transfer, Treatment and Care Coordination

Diagnostic Services




Ontario Breast Screening Program

Diagnostic Cardiac Ultrasound (Echocardiography)

Stress Testing


Lab Services

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care

Niagara Health currently operates 115 long-term care beds at the Welland Site – 75 beds in our Extended Care Unit and 40 beds in an adjacent interim unit. In March, the Ontario Government announced that the 40 interim beds will become permanent, and there will be an expansion of an additional 13 beds, bringing the total to 128 permanent beds.

Kidney Care


Day services

Mental Health & Addictions Program

Adult day services

Outpatient Clinics

Child and Adolescent day services

Eating Disorders Clinics

Hepatitis C Clinics

Residential treatment services

Geriatric/Geriatric Psychiatry Program

Geriatric care clinics

Complex Care Program

Complex Care

Medical/Surgical Clinics

Orthopedics/Fracture Clinics


Chronic Disease Management

Geriatric Services

Eye Care (*Centre of Excellence)



Cataract surgery and other procedures

Follow-up care

Public Resources

French Language Services

Coffee Shop

Social Media


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