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Read our FAQs for the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the South Niagara Site.


  • What is Niagara Health?

    Niagara Health (NH) is a community-based academic centre with a focus on teaching and learning, research and innovation.  We are very proud of our strong partnership with the St. Joseph’s Health System and our academic partners including McMaster University, Brock University and Niagara College.

    Serving more than 450,000 residents across 12 municipalities making up the Regional Municipality of Niagara, NH is a regional healthcare provider with multiple sites and a growing network of community-based services. The team is comprised of more than 4,800 employees, 600 physicians, and 850 volunteers to deliver ‘Extraordinary Caring. Every Person. Every Time’.

    We provide a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services to residents across Niagara, including Acute Care, Cancer Care, Cardiac Care, Complex Care, Emergency and Urgent Care, Kidney Care, Long-Term Care, Mental Health and Addictions, Stroke Care, and Surgical Care.

  • What is Infrastructure Ontario and what is their role in the process?

    Infrastructure Ontario (IO) is a Crown agency owned by the Province of Ontario, which provides a range of services that support the Ontario government's initiatives to modernize and maximize the value of public infrastructure and realty. Working in partnership with the private sector, IO upholds its commitment to renew public services.

    Infrastructure Ontario oversees the planning, design and delivery of hospitals in its mandate to deliver larger infrastructure projects on budget and on time in the province. IO and the Ministry of Health are working with Niagara Health to build the new hospital, which will be publicly owned, controlled and accountable.

  • What is the role of the Ministry of Health in the process?

    The Ministry of Health provides oversight through a rigorous approval process to fulfill their mandate to improve outcomes and contribute to healthier communities. The Ministry funds the majority of the project.

  • Where will the South Niagara Hospital be located?

    The new Niagara Falls Hospital will be centrally located at the intersection of Biggar Road and Montrose Road in Niagara Falls, just off the Queen Elizabeth (QEW).  

  • What does it mean to be included on the provincial government’s future infrastructure list?

    The South Niagara hospital was listed on the provincial governments Fall 2019 Market Update.  The Market Update is a list of future infrastructure projects of the provincial government.

    This announcement gives us some timelines for when we can issue a request for qualifications from potential bidders on the project’s construction, which is set to begin in 2022. 

    From this, we can project a completed hospital in 2026/2027.

  • What stage in the planning process are you currently in for the South Niagara Hospital?

    The project team has submitted our Stage 2 revised proposal to the provincial Ministry of Health. This submission outlines the program and service requirements, equipment and space needs of the hospital and has been developed with extensive input from our staff, physicians and community partners.

    Ministry approval of Stage 2 is required before we move forward with the next phase of planning, which involves the development of written specifications and an illustrative design of the building.

  • What does the future look like?

    In our proposal to the Ministry of Health, we outline a plan to evolve to three hospital sites (St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Welland) and expand access to healthcare services in communities across Niagara. 

    We are committed to working with community members in Fort Erie and Port Colborne to determine the best mix of services and new ways to provide care to ensure we are meeting the needs of residents.  

    Hospitals will provide services for those who need a higher level of care, while services provided in community settings will bring care closer to home for residents whose needs do not require hospital stays.

    Our proposal includes redefining the way healthcare looks in the region through community partnerships and enhanced services closer to home, and in some cases, in the home.

  • What will happen to the Greater Niagara General Hospital site once the new hospital is opened?

    We are still in the early stages of planning.  We will be working work the City of Niagara Falls and the community to determine the best decision to move forward.

Construction & Services

  • When will construction begin?

    Construction is expected to begin in summer/fall 2023.

  • When will construction be complete?

    Construction is expected to be completed in Winter 2027/28. 

  • How much is the new hospital going to cost?

    The cost of the contract with the successful bidder will be released after financial close is reached.

    Discussing cost estimates at this stage would jeopardize the tendering process and our efforts to obtain the most favourable proposal from bidders, thereby protecting the interest of Ontario taxpayers.

    The project will be priced through a rigorous competitive process to ensure value for the taxpayers of Ontario.

  • How much is the community expected to donate?

    The support of the community is crucial in ensuring we design a new kind of healthcare that fosters a community of connected care, advances the boundaries of healing and transforms your experience from ordinary to the extraordinary.

    Together, nothing is beyond our reach.

  • What services will be at the new South Niagara Hospital?
  • What services will be at the Welland Hospital?
  • When you talk about future changes in delivering care, what do you mean?

    Niagara Health is committed to fundamentally shifting the healthcare delivery system for Niagara.  From the current hospital centric model in which the hospital is the core healthcare resource in each community, to transition to a model in which hospital services support frontline and community-based care providers. A model that shifts resources to the community where they’ll have the biggest impact for patients.

    This model will bring healthcare providers to the patients through enhanced community partnerships and in-home care options. This model will be supported though two centralized state-of-the-art hospitals and a redeveloped site in Welland which together will form a more efficient, yet more robust patient-focused health system where even the chronically ill can be cared for in the community with less reliance on the hospital.  Patients will access care in the community and in their homes through enhanced partnerships, clinics and satellite offices for specialist and physicians.

    Technology advancements have afforded us new opportunities for healthcare delivery that we never dreamed possible. In our planning, we are working with some of most forward thinking technological companies to plan for what the future brings.

    Ontario Health Teams will also provide us with new opportunities to think even more as a seamless, integrated healthcare system. Under Ontario Health Teams, healthcare providers will work as one coordinated team – no matter where they provide care.

Other Questions?

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