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Project Statement & Goals

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Together, we are designing a new kind of healthcare that puts the focus on your health and well-being.

The South Niagara Site will embody a campus environment that fosters a community of connected care, will advance the boundaries of healing, and transform your experience in healthcare.

Project Goals

Project Goals | South Niagara New Hospital Project

WELL® Certified Healthcare Facility

The South Niagara Site is working toward being the first WELL® certified healthcare facility in Canada – focused on the health and well-being of our staff, physicians, volunteers, patients, families and caregivers and the Niagara community.

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Project Reports

Since 2016, planning for the South Niagara Hospital Project has created a number of in-depth planning reports to guide the overall design direction for the new hospital. Many of these reports were undertaken and updated in 2019, and will form the foundation of the Stage 3 work beginning in 2020.

Clinical Service Plan (2016) - Please contact Project Team for viewing.

Functional Program (2016-19) - Please contact Project Team for viewing.

Workplace Strategy (2018 - 2019)

Community Well Being (2018-19)

Campus Plan (2019)

Environmental (2019)

Wayfinding (2019)

Patient Journey Maps (2019)

Information, Communication and Automated Technology (ICAT) (2019)

These reports collected research (ie. Lessons learned, best practices, and strategic insights), identify opportunities and constraints, present preliminary design guidelines and performance metrics for the South Niagara Project.

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