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Adaptable, Flexible, and Responsive

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A design that meets the current needs and anticipates future needs in order to flourish the health of all individuals and environments in Niagara.

Here are a few ways we are working to achieve our goal:

  • 100% single patient rooms for improved privacy and healing
  • The flexible design of the SNS will include generic inpatient rooms and hybrid units to adapt to the hospital’s needs and demands
  • Advanced pandemic and surge planning (increase demand for hospital resources) that provides site flexibility from isolation and outbreak areas to decontamination
  • Improved integration of technology including, 100% wireless infrastructure, nurse call system, NH Navigator and Virtual Care integrations

Did you know? Different diagnoses and illness require specific hospital rooms or environments. The SNS can easily and seamlessly convert identified rooms. Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic have supported this planning.

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