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Accessibility and Inclusiveness

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A design that supports all elements of accessibility and inclusiveness with a particular focus on Niagara's older adults.

Here are a few ways we are working towards our goal:

  • The South Niagara Site (SNS) will have a universal design that is usable by all people, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. Additionally, Senior Friendly Design Standards and Facility Accessible Design Standards have informed our planning, for example:
    • The use of bright and/or contrasting colours to create peaceful environments and support vision loss
    • Low glare finishes and lever style door knobs
    • Braille on room signage
    • Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) at service counters
    • Mobility device charging stations
    • Service animal relief areas
    • Accessible raised planter beds seating
    • Rest areas will be placed throughout hallways at regular interval
  • Gender Neutral Change Rooms
  • Indigenous Healing Space

    Did you know? The use of colour can influence how people interact with their surroundings, from creating a calming feeling to helping people find where they are going.

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