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Patient, Family, Staff and Physician Experience

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A design that supports and responds to the key elements of individuals satisfaction, health and wellness in a person's experience or journey through the facility.

Here are a few ways we are working towards our goal:
  • Multiple entrances, on all sides of the building will provide ease of access to programs and services
  • Parking lots will align with each entrance to reduce travel distances
  • The vertical design will support walkability. Meaning, there will be less distance between programs and services. Rest stops will be spaced throughout the facility.
  • The South Niagara Site (SNS) will have a continuous loop driveway for improved flow (pick-up and drop-off)
  • 100% single patient rooms for improved privacy, and space for caregiver/family
  • The use of art and colour will support wayfinding and easy navigation throughout the facility
  • Include the latest technology, for example: 100% wireless capabilities as well as digital registration and displays
  • WELL® Certification – a building standard that prioritizes the health and well-being of the staff, patients, and visitors by focusing on 10 concepts: air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind, and community. For example,
    • Natural light throughout the building
    • Walking and cycling paths
    • Gardens and terraces
    • Water refill stations

Did you know? From 2019-2021 over 5,000 Niagara residents provided online feedback that helped develop the rules and guidelines that the winning team will use to design and build the South Niagara Site.

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