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Executive Expenses

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Niagara Health is committed to being open and transparent with its stakeholders and the general public. Further to the hospital’s commitment is our compliance with the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010 directives to hospitals in respect of reporting requirements under the BPSAA. This act received Royal Assent on December 8, 2010, and was created to strengthen and reinforce accountability, transparency and oversight of broader public sector expense claims.

Our hospital has absolutely embraced this requirement. We believe that it is a reasonable way to promote public confidence in our management of taxpayer money, and it is consistent with the policies that already apply to senior leaders in government and other broader public sector organizations. Taxpayers want to know that their healthcare dollars are being spent appropriately.

As per direction received from the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Niagara Health has created this page which details the expense reports of board members and senior staff as they engage with our stakeholders in managing the health care system.

Per the Directive, expense reporting will begin the 2011/2012 fiscal year and will be posted semi-annually for a six-month period by November 30 (for April 1 to September 30) and May 31 (for October 1 to March 31).

Who does this apply to at Niagara Health?

  • Board of Directors
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Every other member of the hospital’s senior management group

Executive Expenses

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