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2019 Awards of Excellence Winners

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2019 Awards of Excellence Recipients

President’s Award: Extraordinary Performance

Dr. Melanie Senechal l St. Catharines Site I Physician, Emergency Department

Dr. Melanie Senechal is a leader in her professional field and in the Emergency Department (ED) at the St. Catharines Site. She has positive energy and an optimistic outlook that extends throughout the ED. She takes a holistic approach to her delivery of care, which is founded on kindness, compassion, respect and an understanding heart. She consistently exceeds expectations through personalized service to patients and families and is passionate about the professional development of students and colleagues.

Compassion in Action Award

Trillium Unit Team I Niagara Falls Site I Complex Care Unit

The Complex Care Unit, known as the Trillium Unit at our Niagara Falls Site, discovered that a patient’s wife was admitted to our St. Catharines Site for a stroke and was not expected to survive. The team worked together to help the patient’s son get his father, who was an admitted patient on the Trillium Unit, to the St. Catharines Site so he could kiss his wife one last time. The patient’s family was very grateful and nominated the team for a Giant Act of Kindness through Giant FM Radio. It was an emotional experience for all.

Driven by Optimism Award

Sandy Harte | Welland Site Wellness Nurse, Occupational Health and Safety

In her role, Sandy lives and breathes compassion and caring. Sandy assists staff through difficult experiences such as bereavements, personal and family addictions, mental wellness experiences, abuse and abandonment. In every interaction, Sandy listens intently to see where she can have the most impact, preserving dignity when staff are at their lowest point. Sandy’s commitment to others often extends her day well past normal hours. Sandy brings positivity, strength and optimism to her role, supporting staff through challenging situations.

Achieving Ambitious Results Award

Debbie Jacques l Welland Site l Human Resources Analyst, Executive Assistant, Human Resources

Debbie’s optimism is contagious. Whether it’s her kind, friendly and encouraging words, or her support and “we-can-do-it” attitude, everyone’s day will be brighter after talking to Debbie. Her enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile helped make events like Pink Shirt Day and Take Your Kids to Work Day a success. She volunteers for all projects and ensures they are a success. Debbie always makes sure the people around her are supported. She’s the kind of co- worker everyone wants on their team.

Extraordinary Caring Award

Rachel Robinson l Port Colborne Site l Registered Nurse, Urgent Care Centre

Rachel’s skills as a Registered Nurse at our Port Colborne Site go beyond providing physical care for her patients. She cares for her patients as if they were her own family, providing spiritual and emotional support.  Rachel sat with a young girl in distress in triage and talked to her like a mother would to her daughter. Patients feel genuine caring and kindness from her when they are in her care.

Extraordinary Future through Innovation Award

Sean Robb l St. Catharines Site l Neuropsychology Intern, Outpatient Mental Health Psychology

Sean is one of the friendliest people who always arrives to work with a smile and willingness to help. He brings forward innovative ideas with other clinicians, such as creating the Brief Individual Psychotherapy Intervention Team program to support Outpatient Mental Health clients who use mental health and emergency services frequently. He works collaboratively across all areas of NH, living our CORE Values of Compassion, Optimism, and Achieving Ambitious Results. 

Extraordinary Team Award

Jae Sonke, Carol Eaton, Shauna Speck, Patty Welychka, Jennifer Pratt, Tiffany Coy l Welland Site l Patient Flow Team, Administration

Our Welland Site Administration team advocated for a patient who was living in an unsafe condition at home. It was their commitment to our CORE Value of Compassion that led them to help this patient. The team immediately took action, making patient safety a priority. As a result of their efforts, the patient is now living comfortably at home in a safe environment.

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