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Clinical Nutrition

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The Clinical Nutrition department provides complete in-patient and out-patient services in an interprofessional team setting across all sites of Niagara Health.

Please read our Clinical Nutrition Mission and Vision Statement

As valued members of the health care team, individuals are routinely screened in hospital to identify nutritional risk. Those identified persons are cared for by the registered dietitian who conducts a nutritional assessment and develops in partnership with the patient a unique and individualized nutritional care plan.

This care plan ensures that nutritional needs and goals are met during their in hospital stay and will evolve until they are discharged home. The registered dietitian may also provide counselling and education in preparation for discharge to individuals and their families.

What is a Dietitian?

For almost 100 years, Canadians have looked to registered dietitians to help them make healthy food choices. Registered Dietitians are valued members of the health care team. Individuals are routinely screened in hospital to identify nutritional risk. "What is a dietitian" was resourced from

Need Expert and Reliable Nutrition Information? 

See below for links and literature:


BC Nutritional Care in Cancer 

Canadian Cancer Society 

Walker Family Cancer Centre

Nourish – Advice from RD’s and recipes from the wellness chef

Celiac Disease

Community Meal Supports

Crohn’s & Colitis


Irritable Bowel Syndrome


General Healthy Eating

Heart Health

Food Label Reading

Kidney Disease


Nutrition for Seniors

Nutrient Specific


Physical Activity




Weight Loss


Nutritional Articles 

Holiday Eating - Kristen Goode R.D.

The Ketogenic Diet by Nathan Chown

One Step Closer to Healthier Living by Cindy McDougall R.D.

Nutrition and the Microbiome by Amanda Gauthier R.D.

Health Benefits of eating beets by Tawnya Crawford R.D.

Building Healthy Eaters by Claire Chartrand

Sunshine Vitamin D by Kathryn Lalonde R.D.

Monkey see Monkey Do: How to get children to follow healthy habits by Nathan Chown R.D.

Farmed Vs. Wild Caught Fish by Madelyn Morgan, Nutrition Student, & Robin Owen, R.D.

Genetically Modified Food by Jenn Mulligan, R.D.

Plant Sterols 101  by Kristen Goode R.D.

Sustainable Eating by Claire Chartrand Dietetic 

Skipping Breakfast Try A Breakfast Shake  by Neal Glauser R.D. 

Chia Seeds by Heather Penney R.D.

Coconut Water by Amanda Paashuis R.D.

Glycemic Food Index by Sue Stevens R.D.

Happy Shopping Healthy Eating by Pam Szabo-Kode R.D.

Sports Nutrition by Carrie German  R.D.

Food & Mood - Nutrition to Fight the Winter Blues by Birkley Davis, Intern

Smart Phone Apps

Smart Phone Apps

MyFitnessPal – popular food intake and calorie tracking app for weight management

Monash University Low FODMAP Diet  - app to help people with IBS follow the low FODMAP diet

Find Me Gluten-Free – app to locate gluten-free options for restaurants and bakeries locally and wherever you travel

Human Anatomy – Educational quick reference app that contains the information of 19 different biological systems.

Calorie King – Diet portal that identifies caloric content of foods.

Mom and Baby to Be (M+B 2B) – Prenatal app that gives you the tools for a healthy pregnancy.

McDonald's Canada Restaurant – Nutritional information for McDonalds.

TimmyME – Nutritional information for Tim Hortons.

My Wendy’s – Nutritional information for Wendy’s.

Weight Watchers – Connect to weight watchers wherever you go.

Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) – Symptom management guide.

Drug Formulary – (CCO) – Monographs for drugs and regimens used in cancer treatment.

Epocrates – Drug Formulary.

Clean Eating – Magazine.

Yoga 201 – Yoga flow classes for the experienced yogi.

Nike Training Club – Your own personal trainer anytime, anywhere. 85 custom built workouts.

Couch-to-5K – Training app to running a 5K.

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