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Home First

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Home First is an approach to planning what happens when you no longer need hospital care, but still require care and support to safely return home. The goal of Home First is to get you back home as quickly and safely as possible, and help you stay there until you’re ready to make a decision about the future.

It’s better to be home

You are receiving hospital care because you are ill, injured or have undergone surgery. Your care is delivered by a skilled and dedicated healthcare team, using advanced equipment and techniques. When you need hospital care, it’s definitely the right place to be.

But when you no longer need this level of care, you’ll find it’s better to be at home. You will be more comfortable and able to get back to your routine.

The care you need, at home

A member of your healthcare team will visit you in hospital and talk to you about your needs. Then he or she will make arrangements for the right care to be provided at home. Specialized care plans will specialized care plans that give you the care and support you need to settle in at home after a hospital stay.

Time to make thoughtful decisions

Once you are settled at home, you, your family, your friends and your case manager will be ready to talk about your changing needs and your plans for the future. You may consider moving to a retirement home or long-term care home. Because you’re not in hospital, you can take the time you need to make big decisions, and your family and friends can participate in the process.

Always ready to help

Your healthcare team is here to support you, your family and friends and to answer any questions you may have regarding Home First. 

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