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A majority of Niagara hospitals were given direction by Ontario’s Health Services Restructuring Commission to amalgamate in 1999. In March 2000, Niagara Health was created as a full amalgamation of 8 hospitals – 3 large community hospitals, 3 smaller rural hospitals, 1 specialty complex care hospital and 1 outpatient rehabilitation centre. This complex merger, including boards of trustees, has resulted in many levels of integration in infrastructure and programs as our network works together in the provision of services.

In November 2004, new directions were issued by the Province that the Niagara Health System (now Niagara Health) would be the sole provider of acute inpatient care for most of Niagara. As a result, the former Hotel Dieu Health Sciences Hospital, Niagara was placed under governance and management of the NHS in August 2005. At the same time, Shaver Hospital and Niagara Rehabilitation Centre were placed under the governance and management of Hotel Dieu and the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph, and renamed Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

Below are links to some of the external reviews of our programs, services and financial position that have taken place since amalgamation. These reviews have been used to continuously improve the care and service we provide.

External Reviews 2011
Infection Control & Prevention Review
NHS Trust & Reputation Study - Cost of Report

External Reviews 2010
Benchmarking Report Letter
Carruthers Report of NHS Review of HIP Implementation Issues
Addiction Services Report

External Reviews 2009
GNGH ED Review
Report on Expenditure, Cash Management & Budget
Infection Control & Prevention Review
Advice on Options for an Operating Cash Recovery Plan

External Reviews 2008
Review of Reviews by The Hay Group

External Reviews 2007
ED & EMS Report
Peri-Operative Improvement Expert Coaching Team Follow Up Report

External Reviews 2007
ED & EMS Report
Peri-Operative Improvement Expert Coaching Team Follow Up Report

External Reviews 2006
Operative/Peri-Operative Review
St.Catharines and Welland Emergency Departments Review
Peri-Operative Improvement Expert Coaching Team Report

External Reviews 2005
Review Of Regional Laboratory Services

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