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Extraordinary Care - Niagara Health Area of Foucs EXTRAORDINARY CARE

We are collaborating on a number of initiatives that target areas of medication safety, patient flow and quality of care that directly impact every aspect of a patient’s healthcare journey, as well as the work environment for our teams. With We Round, for example, patients are formally checked on every two hours for pain, personal possessions within reach, pumps, and positioning. This initiative is a key strategy focused on decreasing patient fall rates, reducing the number of pressure ulcers, and lowering call bell rates, while increasing positive feedback from patients surveyed about their care. Patient flow remains a challenge due to a number of factors internal and external to the hospital, and our teams continue to focus their efforts on reducing wait times in our Emergency Departments through partnerships and other innovative approaches.


Patient Flow: Reduce Emergency Department length-of-stay for admitted patients awaiting a bed.

Medication Reconciliation: Gather patients’ accurate medication history at admission and discharge.

We Round: Structured approaches to improve the safe sharing and exchange of information between our teams, especially during care transitions, and collaborating with patients and families as part of this process.


Decrease the number of patient safety incidents

376 target | 430 current

Maintain staff survey results for patient safety reporting

70% target | 68% current

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Strategic Plan 2016-2026

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