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We provide the highest level of quality care by advancing a culture of safety and service excellence.

Our goal

Decrease the number of patient safety incidents by 1%

Key Initiatives and Outcomes

Patient Flow
Reduce length of time patients admitted from ED wait for a Bed

Safe Exchange of Information:
We Round
Decrease patient falls; decrease pressure ulcers

We Transfer of Care (WeTOC), We Physician Transfer of Care (WePTOC)
Ensure safe and timely exchange of patient information among providers during care transfers and handovers; include use of standardized TOC tools and processes; physician use of Dragon dictation for TOC and discharge

We Handover
Patients and families co-create how information will be exchanged at the bedside

Share and learn from patient safety incidents

Include patient/family perspective in safety learning reviews

We Care
Focus on Essentials of Extraordinary Caring – co-create and launch four learning modules

Niagara Health