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Extraordinary Teams - Niagara Health Area of Foucs EXTRAORDINARY FUTURE

By investing in our hospitals – through people, equipment and technology – and working strategically in our community, we will create the future our patients deserve. Interconnectivity and innovation are key to achieving this future. Development has begun on the Niagara Health Navigator, Ontario’s first digital health ecosystem designed to protect patient privacy and security while connecting patients to their health data and to care providers in the region. We have made progress in planning for the South Niagara Hospital, which includes outlining program and service requirements, equipment and space needs. Taking care of the people who work here is also a priority. Progress continues to be made in reducing sick time and workplace injuries experienced by staff, physicians and volunteers.


Come to and Return to Work: Reduce sick time and decrease preventable workplace injuries.

South Niagara Hospital Project: Submission of plan detailing the programs, services and resources required at the new South Niagara Hospital.

Clinical Transformation: Implement Year 1 plan for a new electronic health record.

Clinical Trials: Initiate three new clinical trials. 

Fiscally sustainable plan that ensures a balanced budget that includes $8 million investment in education, technology, research and capital

0.62% target | 1.26% current

Helpful Resources

Strategic Plan 2016-2026

Plan stratégique 2016-2026


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While we look forward to future accomplishments, we're also reflecting on some of our extraordinary achievements in 2018. Read more about our 2018 Proud Moments here.


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