Extraordinary Future

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Extraordinary Teams - Niagara Health Area of Foucs EXTRAORDINARY FUTURE

 Be Well program

Identify and implement prevention initiatives to keep people healthy and safe at work.
Actively manage our Attendance Program to ensure our people have the right supports to be at work consistently and regularly.


  • Reduce sick time
  • Decrease the number of preventable workplace injuries

 Clinical Utilization (new)

Implement evidence-based approaches to clinical utilization.

Target: Develop Terms of Reference

 New Facilities (new)

Support our teams to plan for and design our new facilities. Learn more about how we are Building a Healthier Niagara.


  • MOHLTC approval of Stage 1 (Proposal), Stage 2 (Functional Program)
  • Development of Stage 3 (Project Specific Output Specifications)

 Electronic Medical Record (new)

Prepare for implementation of an Electronic Medical Record.


  • Update Health Information System (HIS) costing for approval by NH Board
  • Approval of EMR initiative by MOHLTC


Helpful Resources

Strategic Plan 2016-2026

Plan stratégique 2016-2026


More Proud Moments

While we look forward to future accomplishments, we're also reflecting on some of our extraordinary achievements in 2017. Read more about our 2017 Proud Moments here.


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