Extraordinary Innovation

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Extraordinary Innovation - Niagara Health Area of FoucsEXTRAORDINARY INNOVATION

The initiatives are:

Integrated Comprehensive Care program

The launch of our Integrated Comprehensive Care (ICC) program gives Congestive Heart Failure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients enhanced access to services in the community and medical expertise. The Integrated Comprehensive Care program directly integrates hospital and community care services for patients who require home care after discharge from hospital. More than 400 patients have participated in the program, and that number continues to increase. Click here to learn from one of our patients about how the ICC program is making a positive impact.

Year one update for 2016-17:

Decrease length of time people with CHF and COPD stay in hospital by one day
Target: 7.6 days |Current: 6.4 days


Helpful Resources

Strategic Plan 2016-2026

Plan stratégique 2016-2026


More Proud Moments

While we look forward to future accomplishments, we're also reflecting on some of our extraordinary achievements in 2016. Read more about our 2016 Proud Moments here.


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