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Extraordinary Teams - Niagara Health Area of Foucs EXTRAORDINARY TEAMS

We are proud to work with the very best. To support our teams in providing Extraordinary Caring, we need to provide our people with opportunities to develop and learn. Our teams deserve to work in a respectful culture that fosters critical thinking and innovative ideas. Our most recent employee engagement survey results show we are headed in the right direction. We have seen an increase in the engagement level of staff, leaders and physicians. We’ve also seen a decrease in negative interactions in the workplace as we continue our work to build a culture of mutual respect. The Unit-Based Teams initiative is spreading, and we will be giving more attention to the growth of this quality improvement program that provides team members with ownership over improvements and results in their respective areas.


Unit-Based Teams: Establish unit-based teams to develop the ability of staff, physicians and leaders to undertake improvement action in their respective work areas.

Healthy Teams: Build a culture of mutual respect by decreasing reports of negative interactions in the workplace.

Leadership Development: Develop our emerging and experienced leaders.


Increase engagement score response rate

47.9% target | 44.9% current

Increase engagement score results

62.4% target | 65.96% current

Helpful Resources

Strategic Plan 2016-2026

Plan stratégique 2016-2026


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