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Extraordinary Innovation - Niagara Health Area of Foucs EXTRAORDINARY INNOVATION

We will collaborate and try new ways to deliver the best care to our patients and their families. Integrated Comprehensive Care enables us to reduce Emergency Department visits, readmissions and length-of-stay for patients. Bundling care for patients with hip and knee injuries is another way we have reduced length-of-stay and readmission rates. Niagara Health launched the Wellness Recovery Integrated Comprehensive Care Program in Mental Health and Addictions to help people fully understand their mental health needs and identify and develop strategies to improve their wellness. This will help reduce readmissions to hospital and visits to an Emergency Department for non-urgent mental health concerns.


Integrated Comprehensive Care: Decrease the number of Emergency Department visits and times admitted, as well as the length-of-stay in hospital, for congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and mental health and addictions patients enrolled in our Integrated Comprehensive Care programs.

Innovative Care: Develop and implement a mobile app, and pilot one innovative technology.

Sustain and expand innovative care model from 2 to 6

6 target | 4 current

Niagara Health