Welland Ambulatory & Urgent Care

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Building a Healthier Niagara

We plan to construct two new standalone buildings on the current Welland Site - an Ambulatory & Urgent Care Centre as well as a two-storey Extended Care Unit.

To give a sense of scale, these two buildings, located at the corner of King and Third streets, will be two-thirds the size of the current Welland Site and will be a hub of healthcare activity. There will be 70,000 patient visits to the new Ambulatory Care & Urgent Care Centre, Welland in its first year of operation.

We will develop a broad range of outpatient services to be provided by our physicians, nurses and other members of our healthcare team. These services will include outpatient medical and surgical clinics, an Ontario Breast Screening Program, a satellite dialysis centre, diagnostic services which include cardiac diagnostics, mental health and addictions services, space for medical learners, and more based on population health needs. These types of patient care will be supported by pharmacy, laboratory, and other key services.

Urgent care services will include immediate care and treatment for patients who have non-life threatening illnesses or injuries. Hours of operation will be determined based on data of patient usage and best practice across Ontario.

The second Welland building will be a two-storey Extended Care Unit to be constructed south of the existing Medical Arts Building on King Street. There will be 120 long-term care beds, and the building will be surrounded by green space. This is a separate project; however our plans call for constructing the building at the same time as the Ambulatory Care & Urgent Care Centre.

*As is the practice at our Douglas Memorial and Port Colborne Urgent Care Centres, Niagara Emergency Medical Services will transport non-emergency patients by ambulance to Welland. Acutely ill patients would continue to be transported to an Emergency Department.

  • The two new Welland buildings combined will be two-thirds the size of the current site.
  • Projections show there will be 70,000 visits to the Ambulatory Care & Urgent Care Centre, Welland, in its first year of operation.
  • Full range of diagnostic services including cardiac
  • Space for medical learners
  • Pharmacy and laboratory services
  • 120 beds in the new Extended Care Unit in Welland.

Among patient care services to be provided:

  • Surgical clinics, including pre-operative and post-operative appointments with surgeons, and medical clinics with visiting specialists including oncology, nephrology, orthopedics, fracture and plastic clinic; these clinics will evolve to meet community needs
  • Mental health and addictions services for adults, children and adolescents
  • Hepatitis C satellite clinic
  • Dialysis services
  • Diagnostic testing, including X-ray, ultrasound, bone density testing, CT scans and cardiac diagnostics (echocardiogram, holter monitoring, stress testing)
  • Ontario Breast Screening Program services
  • Urgent care services including 25 enclosed treatment spaces
  • Ambulance transport*

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