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Geriatric Assessment Program

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Geriatric Assessment Program

Outpatient Program

Using a case management model, the Niagara Health Geriatric Assessment Program provides a comprehensive physical, psychosocial and environmental needs assessment for Niagara’s senior population.

Referrals are accepted from physicians and the service is offered at our Niagara Falls Site.

The specialized geriatric assessment health care team of geriatricians and nurse clinicians addresses issues of dementia, delirium, depression, polypharmacy, falls, urinary continence, and other psychiatric and health problems facing the elderly. Patients are assessed by the nurse clinician in their place of residence and a report is sent to the referring physician. At a later date, the patients are seen by the geriatrician at the outpatient clinic and a second report is sent to the referring physician. 

Inpatient Program

The Geriatric Assessment Program serves all five Niagara Health sites. Nurse clinicians see the patient initially and write a report with assessment findings and suggestions on the patient’s chart.  Patients are seen by the geriatrician as soon as possible after the initial assessment or may be referred to the outpatient clinic for consultation and /or follow up.  Referrals are made through Meditech, and are triaged upon receipt via follow up from the patient’s location/staff report.


905-378-4647, ext 53013

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