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Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program (LDAP)

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Lung Diagnostic Assessment Program is an assessment clinic for patients who have a suspicion of lung cancer.

The goal of this program is to reduce wait times for diagnosis, to streamline diagnostic testing by using an evidence-based diagnostic pathway, and to improve the patient experience and treatment outcomes. The program has had great success in achieving this goal and continues to work towards creating the best possible outcomes for patients.

The LDAP has a Nurse Navigator whose primary role is to assess and triage patients, provide information and emotional support, fast track diagnostic tests, and be the primary contact for the patient and family during the diagnostic phase. The Nurse Navigator facilitates referrals to the most appropriate specialist so that a diagnosis and treatment plan can be made as quickly as possible. The Nurse Navigator also serves as a liaison between referring physicians and specialists.

To contact the clinic

Call 905-378-4647, ext. 49138

The Nurse Navigator can be reached at
ext. 49139 and 49126

LDAP Referral Form

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