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Mental Health & Addictions Team

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Our Interprofessional Team

On your journey through our program, you will meet many different interprofessional team members who will work closely with you and your family to understand and meet your needs. Below is a list of the different team members you may meet and some links for more information:

Addiction Medicine Physician

The addiction medicine physician specializes in the comprehensive assessment and treatment of addictions issues and, where appropriate, also addresses mental health concerns. For more information visit 

Addiction Counsellor

The addiction counsellor provides the support, resources, and judgment-free guidance that can be utilized on your addictions recovery journey. For more information visit

Addiction Worker

The addiction worker screens, assesses, and implements interventions for substance use disorders. For more information visit


The dietitian supports you and your family as you learn about the importance of diet, nutrition and optimal intake for health and wellness. Together you will work on a diet plan that fits your unique needs. For more information visit


The hospitalist provides medical care and treatment while you are in hospital. For more information visit

Nurse Practitioner

The nurse practitioner provides comprehensive health assessment, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, prescribing of pharmaceutical agents, and performing procedures. For more information visit

Occupational Therapy Assistant

The occupational therapy assistant works with the occupational therapist to implement a therapy plan that promotes functional abilities required to optimize health and manage day-to-day activity. For more information visit

Occupational Therapist

The occupational therapist assists in developing, recovering, improving as well as maintaining the skills needed for daily living and working. Fore more information visit


The pharmacist works closely with the interprofessional team to advise about best treatment options for you and to provide education about medications that you may take. For more information visit 


The psychiatrist assesses and diagnoses mental health and addictions-related issues, and works with patients and families to develop a treatment and management plan of care. For more information visit 


The psychologist assesses, diagnoses and treats emotional, mental and behavioural disorders using a variety of evidence-based approaches. For more information visit 


The psychometrist is responsible for the administration and scoring of psychological and neuropsychological tests under the supervision of a clinical psychologist or clinical neuropsychologist. Testing can be done for many reasons,including diagnosis clarification or to answer a specific clinical question. For more information visit 

Recreation Therapist

The recreation therapist uses a variety of different interventions, including arts and crafts; drama, music, and dance; sports and games; and community outings to help maintain or improve physical, social, and emotional well-being. For more information visit

Registered Nurse

The registered nurse works with individuals, and families to assess their mental health needs and develops a plan of care to meet identified needs. For more information visit

Registered Practical Nurse

The registered practical nurse assesses mental health and addictions issues and needs and works collaboratively to develop a plan of care based on individual recovery goals. For more information visit

Social Work

The social worker provides direct services to individuals, couples, families, and groups in the form of counselling, crisis intervention, and therapy, as well as advocacy, coordination of resources, and case management. For more informaiton visit

Spiritual Care

The chaplain works with individuals around their spirituality in a number of different ways, including religious practice, personal relationships, artistic creation, and connection to nature to name a few. For more information visit

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