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Learn about healthcare through 2011 Speakers Bureau

Posted Jan 11th, 2011

New healthcare information along with some familiar topics make up the list of the 2011 Niagara Health System Speakers Bureau. Now in its third year, the Speakers Bureau is a free service where service clubs and groups can book a healthcare professional to give a half-hour presentation. This year, there are four new topics in the listing. Topics are …

  • Careers in Healthcare – Teenagers who are planning their future learn about the wide range of career opportunities in hospital healthcare.
  • Designing for the Future – The latest on construction of the new west St. Catharines healthcare complex.
  • Emergency and Urgent Care – Know your options about emergency and urgent care services in Niagara.
  • Fundraising for Healthcare Improvements – Learn how you can support fundraising for healthcare and what our foundations are planning now and in the future.
  • NEW! Living Healthy with Type 2 Diabetes Almost 10% of Niagara adults have Type 2 diabetes. Learn how to best manage this condition and stay healthy.
  • NEW! Preventing Diabetes Type 2 diabetes can be prevented. Find out how to reduce your risk.
  • NEW! Overview of Cancer Now and in the Future Learn about reducing your risk for cancer, early detection/screening programs, treatment options, and future trends in cancer treatment, from Dr. Janice Giesbrecht, NHS Oncology Medical Director.
  • NEW! Reducing Your Risk for Chronic Conditions Learn how to prevent many health problems, such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. This session identifies common risk factors (smoking, high blood pressure, inactivity, etc.) and steps to reduce risk.
  • Stroke Care in Niagara – Learn about signs, symptoms, care and treatment of stroke.
  • Transitioning Care Needs as We Age – Moving to the right level of care as we age is often necessary for many health and safety reasons. This presentation helps families understand the steps to take and what’s available in Niagara.

To book a presentation,visit the Speakers Bureau section of this website and fill in the online form. Requesters who do not have internet access can phone 905-378-4NHS, ext. 47579.


“We welcome local service clubs, church groups, non-profit groups and agencies to learn more about health matters and local healthcare services through our Speakers Bureau. A number of dedicated and talented hospital representatives are participating in our Speakers Bureau, including doctors and nurses who welcome the opportunity to speak to Niagara residents about these important health matters,” Christine Clark, Chief Communications Officer

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