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Public forums in Niagara about healthcare

Posted Aug 23rd, 2011

Statement from Interim President and CEO Dr. Sue Matthews
Regarding public forums in Niagara

NIAGARA, Ontario: The Niagara Health System recognizes that healthcare is important to everyone and public discussion is fundamental to improving it.

The Ontario Health Coalition has been a catalyst for public debate about healthcare in the province, and the public forums taking place across Niagara this week provide additional opportunities for members of the public to bring forward their views and concerns.

The Niagara Health System is committed to working constructively with our communities in the best interests of the patients and families served by our hospital. Our goal is for every patient and their family members to have a positive experience.

We will continue to work collaboratively to restore community confidence and end our outbreaks. Our whole team is deeply engaged in fighting this tough battle against C. difficile and other hospital-associated infections.

Niagara Health System