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Report on NHS Trust and Reputation Study

Posted Nov 9th, 2011

Regarding the McMaster Community Engagement and Reputation Study by Dr. Terry Flynn.

The Niagara Health System thanks Dr. Flynn and his team for their independent assessment of trust in the NHS across the 12 communities we serve.

Though our leadership has not had the opportunity to review the report in detail, we are extremely pleased to have such a comprehensive assessment. We hope this report will be seen as another positive step toward rebuilding trust. The report also signifies a new willingness on the part of the organization to give Niagarans a chance for input and to be heard. We plan to continue this approach in future.

Our leadership will be taking this report extremely seriously, and will work closely with Dr. Flynn to develop an action plan to address his findings and recommendations.

We appreciate that it will take some time to restore public confidence in the local health system. We are grateful to our community for their willingness to work with us and Supervisor Dr. Kevin Smith in finding solutions to our challenges.

Niagara Health System