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NHS is going greener today for a healthier tomorrow

Posted Jul 18th, 2012

Not only do buildings generate a lot of pollution, but rising energy costs are taking a sizeable chunk out of hospital operating budgets, using money that would otherwise be available to help improve hospital services.

As part of its mission to foster a healthier Niagara, NHS is responding to both of these challenges with an innovative energy efficiency project across five sites. We have partnered with Ecosystem, a leading energy services company, to reduce our operating costs and carbon footprint.

In addition to improving the comfort of staff and patients, this project is helping our hospitals to rank among the most energy efficient in the country. The initial investment will be entirely repaid by the savings the project generates.

For example, our Douglas Memorial Site in Fort Erie has implemented changes that will reduce its energy bills by 28 per cent. In addition to harnessing free solar energy, the hospital site has also upgraded its heating, lighting and ventilation systems.

To find out more about the project and ways that you can improve your energy efficiency at work and at home, go to

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