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Personal Emergency Information Card will help us help you in a medical emergency

Posted May 8th, 2013

The Niagara Health System (NHS) is launching a new Personal Emergency Information Card and urging members of the public to fill it out and carry it with them to help them be prepared in the event of a health emergency.

Personal Emergency Information Card Help Us Help You Wallet Card - Black and White Version Help Us Help You Wallet Card - Colour Version

NHS has created the card, which can be printed from the NHS website, and folded to fit in a wallet.

“With this week being Emergency Preparedness Week, it is an ideal time to bring awareness to the need to be prepared for a personal medical emergency,” says Christina Riley, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and Health Care Compliance Specialist at the NHS. “This personal information is critical in a health emergency, especially when people cannot speak for themselves.”

“Filling out a Personal Emergency Information Card will help emergency responders and hospital personnel to ensure a patient’s treatment is appropriate and respects their wishes,” says Christina. “It is important for people to ensure family members and caregivers know where they keep their card and that the content is updated if the information changes.”

In addition to personal contact information, the card includes information about medications, allergies, religious considerations, living will/advanced directives and power of attorney.

Our public education campaign, Minutes Count, can also help the public be prepared in a medical emergency. NHS developed this campaign, in partnership with Niagara Emergency Medical Services, to raise awareness about the importance of making the right choice to access the right care when they need emergency medical care. Check for information about emergency and urgent care services available in Niagara.

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