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Fourteen nurses receive Awards of Excellence

Posted May 13th, 2014

A highlight of Nurses Week in Niagara is the Nursing Awards of Excellence, given out last night as nursing professionals gathered to be honoured by the Niagara Health System.

Media Release Attachment Nursing Awards May 2014

“This year, 87 nurses were nominated by their peers for Nursing Awards of Excellence,” says Derek McNally, NHS Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive. “Reading through this year’s nominations, I was struck by two common themes that emerged and that really demonstrate the essence of what nursing at the NHS is all about: doing what is best for our patients, and inspiring and supporting each other.” 

These are excerpts from the nominations, in the words of our nurses speaking about their peers:

  • Gives her all, all of the time; expects that we should all do the same and challenges us to be better healthcare providers.
  • Puts her patients’ needs and the organization’s needs before her own, and truly leads by example.
  • Often challenges the status quo and asks questions like: “why can’t we do this?” Or “shouldn’t we consider that?”
  • Her work ethic and consistent delivery of exemplary nursing care is unrivalled.

“On behalf of the NHS, I would like to congratulate all of our nominees and award winners,” says Mr. McNally. “Selecting the finalists is always a difficult decision for the selection committee since there are so many nurses who go above and beyond on a regular basis to provide an excellent patient experience.”

The following Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses are this year’s recipients:

Nursing Awards for Excellence in Direct Care – Registered Nurse

  • Pina Page, Greater Niagara General Site
  • Linda Climie, St. Catharines Site
  • Carol Girardi, Welland Site
  • Denise Kipling, Douglas Memorial SIte

Nursing Awards for Excellence in Direct Care – Registered Practical Nurse

  • Scott Hayward, Greater Niagara General Site
  • Diane Trottier, St. Catharines Site
  • Remo Petraroia, Welland Site
  • Tracey Vallance, Niagara-on-the-Lake Site

Nursing Director Leadership Award

  • Heather Paterson, Greater Niagara General Site 

Nursing Leadership Awards

  • Tammy Martin, Welland Site

Nursing Awards Collaboration and Team Work for Excellence in Direct Care

  • Chris Delaney, Stevie Christopher, Rhonda White: seconded to project to improve patient flow across all sites

Nursing Award (Regional) for Excellence in Direct Care

  • Cheryl Ruzgys, Niagara Diabetes Centre

In addition, winners of three $500 Nursing Education Bursaries are:

  • Roy Dell, RN, Greater Niagara General Site
  • Scott Hayward, RPN, Greater Niagara General Site
  • Tammy Martin, Clinical Manager, Welland Site


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