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OneFoundation for NHS recruits CEO

Posted Jul 8th, 2014

OneFoundation for Niagara Health System is pleased to announce that Paulanne Jushkevich is joining the newly amalgamated organization in the role of Chief Executive Officer this August.

OneFoundation for NHS recruits CEO One Foundation announcement

In this important fundraising role, Ms. Jushkevich will be responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of OneFoundation for Niagara Health System, ensuring that the mission of the Foundation is achieved. She will direct and oversee the effective development of revenue through the generous support of individuals and organizations interested in supporting the Niagara Health System (NHS) and the hospitals’ capital needs including equipment and buildings.

“As a supporting Foundation, our Board’s role is to ensure that we’re set up to fund the necessary equipment to maintain and advance the standard of excellence in healthcare throughout Niagara,” said Mike Watt, Chair of OneFoundation for NHS. “The first CEO of our new Foundation will not only lead development operations, she will set the trajectory for the new fundraising body to ensure its ongoing success into the future. Given her track record and exuberance to take on this challenge, we’re confident that Paulanne Jushkevich is the right person for the job.”

Mr. Watt also clarified that the new CEO position replaces four leadership positions in the previous foundations, leading to a more streamlined operation.
NHS Interim President Angela Zangari is excited to be working with Ms. Jushkevich. “Paulanne is an excellent addition to the leadership team and I look forward to working with her. Our hospitals literally could not fulfill their mission without the important contribution of our foundation and generous donors, so this is a very important recruitment to our community.”

Ms. Jushkevich noted she is excited to join an organization that’s undergoing positive transformation. “I’ve watched the renewal happening across the NHS and across the foundations with great interest, and feel very blessed that I can have a role in the next leap forward,” said Ms. Jushkevich. “I really feel deeply that our obligation is to the donors, to respecting their wishes, and to deploying their generosity to build the best possible health system for all in the Niagara Region.”

Prior to joining OneFoundation for NHS, Ms. Jushkevich had leadership roles in several hospitals in Montreal – including the Jewish General Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital Centre, and most recently as the President and CEO of the Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation where she has dedicated her career to building sustainable, ethical fundraising programs to serve the hospitals’ communities. At the Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation alone, she was instrumental in building a formidable fundraising team, attracting key volunteers to actively serve on the Board, and inspiring multi-million dollar gifts to that institution.
Ms. Jushkevich holds a Specialized Honor’s Degree from York University and a Master’s Degree from McGill University, and is well-known in the fundraising industry for her animated and informative seminars and lectures on Professional Fundraising. She has been featured as a keynote speaker for a variety of organizations – in both official languages – primarily on the subjects of Leadership in Philanthropy, Stewardship, and Ethics.

She has held a variety of positions with international professional fundraising associations: Provincial Representative of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) Canada; Chair of the AHP Regional Conference (2009); and Chair of the Every Member Campaign for the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Quebec. As well, she served as a Board Member of AFP Quebec, a Member of the AFP Canada Council, and a Subject Matter Expert (SME) Corps for CFRE International.

Through her work – both volunteer and professional – she has been able to equip charities small and large with the knowledge they need to serve their community with confidence, transparency, and sustainability.

Ms. Jushkevich is married and a mother of two boys. She is looking forward to returning to Ontario, where she was born and raised, after having spent 25 years in La Belle Province. She will begin her new role on August 5th, 2014.

Questions & Answers

What will Ms. Jushkevich’s day-to-day role look like? What will she do?
As CEO of OneFoundation, Ms. Jushkevich is the most senior administrator overseeing the day-to-day operations and management of the organization. In addition, she will also work directly with the Board of Directors on priority setting, strategy and financial and compliance matters. Ms. Jushkevich will be an important face of the organization to the public, and will work with various stakeholders and partners in order to ensure the Foundation is successful in meeting its fundraising goals. Ms. Jushkevich will also have an important role liaising with the hospital, understanding fundraising needs across all six NHS sites.

What did the recruitment process look like?
OneFoundation undertook a nationwide advertisement for recruitment to this role. Following a competitive interview process, Ms. Jushkevich was identified as the unanimously preferred candidate by the interview panel, which had membership from the Foundation Board, Hospital Board, and Hospital leadership.

How does this role differ from the previous foundation leadership roles?
This role differs insofar as it oversees fundraising across all 6 sites, and will look at how to best deploy existing staff and resources to meet a unified vision and goals for fundraising in support of the hospitals.

What are the current activities of the Foundation?
OneFoundation has recently held successful fundraising events including the Royal Ascot Affair Gala, the FirstOntario Kids Ultimate Challenge, and continues to plan for the upcoming Big Move Cancer Ride which takes place on September 7, 2014. All of these events, and other ongoing fundraising, are in support of the hospital’s capital and equipment needs which now total over $10 million annually. As planning for the new South Niagara Hospital is underway, discussions about a campaign in support of this major build will also begin with Ms. Jushkevich’s hire.

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