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Individual who travelled from West Africa tested as part of heightened vigilance

Posted Sep 2nd, 2014

An individual presented to Niagara Health System with flu-like symptoms who had also travelled from West Africa where Ebola is endemic. We are managing and testing this individual per public health protocols as part of heightened vigilance. The patient is currently stable at the St. Catharines hospital.

Dr. Tom Stewart, Chief of Staff and Executive Vice President Medical, notes the organization was well prepared to deal with a situation like this.  “On the whole, our analysis indicates this situation is very low-risk. That said we are taking every precaution and isolating the patient per the best practice protocols, with advice from infectious disease experts and public health,” he said.  

Dr. Stewart also noted “we are also fortunate that the Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario, the LHIN, and the OHA have done a great deal to prepare all hospitals, and the organization has been testing protocols and facilities and running scenarios for the last few weeks in preparation for a potential Ebola presentation. The situation here is different than in West Africa because of our infrastructure. We have a brand-new facility with negative pressure rooms and isolation abilities, and well-trained and well-prepared staff.  Our goal in this case is to ensure this individual receives great care while protecting our staff and the public.”

“We will keep the public updated in an orderly fashion, and in the meantime we are asking staff and the public to remain calm and to be extremely vigilant in terms of hand hygiene at our sites,” said Dr. Stewart.  

Niagara Health System commits to updating the public through the media with significant developments.


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