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NHS celebrates recent physician recruitment on Doctors’ Day

Posted Apr 30th, 2015

Niagara Health System is joining in the celebration of Doctors’ Day on May 1, saluting the physicians across Niagara who work tirelessly for patients and families. NHS is also celebrating the success of recent recruitment initiatives, bringing much-needed physician specialists to the region to join the organization’s medical staff.

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A total of 22 recruitments and leadership appointments have taken place this year.

In 2011, the provincial government designated May 1 as Doctors’ Day, an official day of appreciation and acknowledgement for our province’s medical professionals. May 1 was chosen to honour the birthday of Dr. Emily Stowe, Canada’s first female physician and a lifelong supporter of women’s rights.

“Doctors’ Day provides a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the contributions made by talented men and women within the region,” explains Dr. Satish Chawla, President of the Niagara Health System Medical Staff Association.

“We really are very proud of all the physician colleagues on our many teams,” adds NHS President Dr. Suzanne Johnston. “We are also thrilled that NHS has become such a competitive employer when it comes to recruitment. Physicians from across the province recognize that it is an exciting time to be a member of the Niagara Health System as we begin to embark on a rejuvenated vision of healthcare including the new St. Catharines hospital and a new South hospital in the works, as well as innovative work by all our teams.”

Niagara Health System’s recent physician recruitments include:

  • Dr. Karim Ali
  • Dr. Salim Ahmed
  • Dr. Pushpa Alexander
  • Dr. Jen Tsang
  • Dr. Dayna Al-Baldawi
  • Dr. Emily Pranger
  • Dr. Andrea Delrue
  • Dr. Marilou Ching
  • Dr. Alla Raizman
  • Dr. Rocio Monroy
  • Dr. Maureen Cameron
  • Dr. Brandon Wickens
  • Dr. Craig Durant
  • Dr. Andy Rust
  • Dr. Lisa Gabrielli
  • Dr. Matthew Gunton
  • Dr. Davar Nikneshan
  • Dr. Manal El-Sayed
  • Dr. Lorraine Jensen
  • Dr. Jascinth James
  • Dr. Ali Mohajerani
  • Dr. Mike Christian

“The retention and recruitment of physicians is of high priority in order to continue delivering quality patient centered care to the community,” says Dr. Tom Stewart, NHS Chief of Staff and Executive Vice President Medical. “It is hard to imagine a more attractive community than Niagara to raise a family. One can choose virtually any type of housing, costs are reasonable and Niagara offers high quality of education, while being centrally located. Our recruitment goals present both an opportunity and a challenge to the NHS and our community to find the best possible candidates to fill these positions in the organization.”

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