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Twelve nurses receive Awards of Excellence

Posted May 12th, 2015

A highlight of Nursing Week in Niagara is the Nursing Awards of Excellence, given out last night as nursing professionals gathered to be honoured by the Niagara Health System.

“There are so many examples within the NHS of our nurses going above and beyond every single day to provide our patients and families with nursing care of the highest quality,” says Derek McNally, Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive. “The nominations this year were fabulous as always and made it really difficult for the nominating committee to choose the winning recipients.”

The award categories were refreshed this year to better reflect the work taking place at the Niagara Health System by our team of more than 2,000 Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses.

“On behalf of the NHS, I would like to congratulate all of our nominees and award winners,” says Mr. McNally. “We are extremely proud of all of our nurses, and I would like to publicly thank each and every one of them for all that they do to provide an excellent patient experience.”

The following nurses are this year’s recipients of Nursing Awards of Excellence:

Excellence in Customer Service:

Laura White, Registered Practical Nurse, Inpatient Medicine/Acute Stroke Unit, Greater Niagara General Site

Laura is identified as someone who always goes above and beyond for her patients. Two examples of her work with end of life patients were provided in her nomination. Through her efforts, the patients and their families were able to spend quality time together and have lasting memories that were only possible with Laura’s assistance.

Rising Star:

David Quinn, Registered Nurse, Inpatient Medicine/Acute Stroke Unit, Greater Niagara General Site

David has been working at NHS for less than a year but in that time he has received three compliment stars for his work with patients and families. One patient described him as “an angel on earth” for his kind and compassionate approach to care.

Excellence in Patient Education:

Jetta Witlib, Registered Nurse, Outpatient Mental Health, Welland Site

Jetta excels daily in providing support and education to every patient she works with. She delivers care in a positive and uplifting way that gives people hope and she feels passionate about showing people she cares, in a real way.

Excellence in Nursing Leadership:

Debbie Smith, Registered Nurse/Director, Welland Site

Debbie is identified as a positive and genuine leader who gets the job done. She has great passion and goes above and beyond in her work with a focus on improving the experience of patients and families.

Melanie Stansfield, Nurse Practitioner, New Port Centre, Port Colborne Site

Melanie is a leader, an educator and a compassionate clinician with many different skills.  She is always calm and professional and takes part in research in order to improve the care of patients with addictions.

Excellence in Patient Flow:

Barb Bologna, Registered Nurse, Evening/Weekend Flow Manager, St. Catharines Site

Barb collaborates with all programs and provides leadership to all staff in a supportive and positive way that helps patient flow throughout the St. Catharines Site.

Excellence in Patient Care:      

Michele Maiden, Registered Nurse, Medicine, Greater Niagara General Site

Michele is a leader within the unit who is often seen holding the hand of patients or even hugging a grieving child, parent or friend. She is passionate about her nursing role and holds that title very close to her heart.

Charlotte Bodman, Registered Nurse, Hemodialysis, St. Catharines Site

Charlotte is recognized for always giving a kind word and a smile no matter what else is happening in her day. She truly shines and is a joy and inspiration to work with.

Sherri Bailey, Registered Nurse, 3 West Day Surgery, Welland Site

Sherri’s bedside manner is a large part of what makes her stand out. She puts patients at ease with her confidence, caring and amazing sense of humour. There are many times when patients are anxious and within minutes Sherri has them relaxed and laughing.

Excellence in Team Nursing:

Cheryl Lynn Hooton

Anny Descoteaux

Eva Fletcher-Walker

Registered Nurse First Assists, Regional Perioperative Program (1 nurse at each of Greater Niagara General, St. Catharines and Welland sites)

This team of three nurses are valued members of the surgical program who are well-respected by all surgeons that they work closely with. Their professionalism, expertise and clinical knowledge has expanded the role of registered nurses in this area.


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