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Vision Days at Niagara Health System

Posted Sep 15th, 2015

Niagara Health System is excited to launch a series of Vision Days which will give our community members the opportunity to actively work with us to shape our vision for a shared future, leading to our first Strategic Plan.

Media Release Attachment Vision Days

At this time, we are looking to engage with members of the community in asking for some advice on our vision document. Multiple sessions will be held across the Niagara Region, giving community members an opportunity to share their feedback, aspirations, and concerns.

‘We are extremely proud of how far we’ve come in terms of working with local communities, and know how important it is that we partner in our next stage of planning,’ said Suzanne Johnston, NHS President. ‘Our hope is that members of the public will join us in productive work sessions as we shape our NHS Vision. Ultimately our plan is to produce a 10 year aspirational vision for our organization, one that is clear in intent, and tangible and measurable so that we know when our health system is meeting the important goals in improved health outcomes for you, improved satisfaction for those we serve and a system that is strong for our children and grandchildren.’  

How to participate in NHS Vision Days

Register in your nearest community for one of 10 work sessions (attendance limited to 50 people per work session)

Complete the online workbook

Follow our online timeline for key milestones and updates

Earlier this summer our hospital’s Board of Directors and Executive Team took the first steps in developing our strategic planning process. Discussions focused on strengths and opportunities, as well as what we hope to have achieved at the end of the next 10 years. The next phase provides an important opportunity for additional community feedback, building on inputs over the last few years.

Several community work sessions will be hosted across Niagara. We are asking interested people to sign up to attend a session held in the community nearest to your location of residence. Each session will be 90 minutes in length with maximum attendance of 50 individuals, who will be asked to respond to current thinking, and participate in dialogue with their neighbours about the future of healthcare. Additional sessions will be considered if registration exceeds current plans.   

NHS is also providing several online opportunities for our communities to stay connected and informed coming later this September. This includes the launch of a public feedback survey, a visual timeline to capture key milestones, and all background and educational materials used throughout this planning process.  

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