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NHS named National Best Practice Hospital for Biomedical Engineering

Posted Dec 2nd, 2015

Niagara Health System is pleased to announce that we’ve been named a National Best Practice Hospital for Biomedical Engineering.

The designation was achieved following our Biomedical Engineering department participating in a week-long Peer Review directed by the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society (CMBES) in September. The NHS is one of few hospitals in Canada that have achieved this National Best Practice status.

Jean Ngoie, Regional Manager of Biomedical Engineering, formally requested a CMBES Peer Review to assess the department’s performance and to meet our requirements for Accreditation.

The survey took place over five days in September. Surveyors met with customers and stakeholders to ascertain the level of satisfaction with the services provided. In addition to meeting with all members of NHS’s Biomedical Engineering department, the surveyors also interviewed members of our senior executive, directors and clinical managers.

The Biomedical Engineering department is  responsible for maintaining medical equipment and providing education and training on the correct and safe use of electro-medical equipment. As well, they maintain close working relationships with Materials Management, clinical staff, information technology services and vendors.

The NHS’s Biomedical Engineering team is responsible for all Niagara Health sites and the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

The peer review was based on the CMBES Clinical Engineering Standards of Practice. Some of the strengths of the Biomedical Engineering department highlighted by the surveyors include:

• Strong and diverse team of professionals

• Well-functioning structure

• Good relationship with customers

• Education and training is priority

• Proven track record

• Innovative

The surveyors noted in their report that the Biomedical Engineering team “should be very proud of the work it does and deserves high recognition for the value it brings to NHS. Taking the initiative to be openly reviewed by colleagues in the Clinical Engineering field represents confidence and high esteem amongst staff and management.”

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