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Remembering Mr. Jan Cook

Posted Aug 24th, 2016

Niagara’s new St. Catharines hospital and cancer centre came to be through the generosity of many community philanthropists and volunteers who undertook an ambitious $40-million fundraising goal.

In North Niagara, business leader Jan Cook led that charge.  Quick to jump on board and committed to the final wrap-up, Mr. Cook's contributions to the It’s Our Time Campaign’s success cannot be overstated. 

A lifelong resident and champion of his hometown, Mr. Cook was known for his devotion to the betterment of St. Catharines.  Being one to roll up his sleeves, in the boardroom as well as out in the community, he put these aspirations into action day after day.  Along with his team of hand-picked volunteers, Mr. Cook marshalled all and any resources at his disposal to ensure that a new hospital became a reality for the people of St. Catharines. 

Jan Cook’s volunteer contribution was in keeping with his approach to life – full steam ahead and no holds barred. For the It’s Our Time Campaign and Niagara residents, it proved as effective a formula for success as any. 

Jan Cook was fuelled by – and will be remembered for – his desire to give back to his community and leave it a better place.  

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