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Building a Healthier Niagara update

Posted May 19th, 2017

Building a Healthier Niagara update

Project update from Niagara Health President Suzanne Johnston:

Hearing the news that our capital project is included in the recent provincial budget is a strong demonstration of confidence in our vision for Niagara Falls and Welland.

There has been excellent dialogue with Welland Mayor Frank Campion and I appreciate his advocacy for healthcare for Welland residents.

Our planning so far includes ambulatory care services like medical and surgical clinics, dialysis, mental health and addictions, Ontario Breast Screening Program services, and full diagnostics including CT scan, ultrasound and X-ray offered in a new building, as well as a long-term care centre.

And yes, we are committed to evaluating emergency services in Welland and acknowledge the importance of a 24-hour Emergency Department.

As our planning moves forward we will be considering many options including a 24-hour Emergency Department as well as other opportunities like continuing ophthalmology services in Welland. Options are evaluated to achieve the best quality outcomes and experiences for patients and their families within a sustainable system.

I look forward to sharing any updates with you as we move forward with our planning.


Niagara Health is awaiting formal approval on redevelopment proposals – Stages 1A&B and Stage 2 - submitted to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The proposals call for Centres of Excellence in stroke, eye care, seniors’ wellness, complex care and academic education to be located in Niagara Falls. The proposals also call for urgent care, dialysis clinics, outpatient clinics for medical and surgical patients, diagnostic imaging, ultrasound and radiology, as well as a lab and other services in Welland. 

The core of this work is to: 

  • integrate hospital and community care services for a seamless experience
  • anticipate the need for growth in inpatient beds – projecting 100 new beds in 2023 (located in Niagara Falls and St. Catharines) and an additional 140 new beds in 2033 (majority located in Niagara Falls)
  • seize the opportunity to adopt the latest medical and technological advances in healthcare
  • continue to retain and recruit  the best physicians and healthcare professionals
  • enhance our infection prevention and control practices
  • make better use of our limited resources by reducing duplication
  • provide senior-friendly care in all aspects of the patient experience


Improving access to care and co-ordination of services with community-based health partners will be at the forefront of our work to Build a Healthier Niagara. We are exploring new ways that healthcare services can be offered in the community such as in-home care, satellite clinics in shared spaces, and through the use of new technology. We will continue to reach out to our teams and to the community, working in partnership to redesign healthcare based on the needs of the people we serve. 

Questions and feedback can be emailed to

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