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Niagara Health Navigator: Ontario’s First Mobile Tool for Integrated Care

Posted Apr 9th, 2019

Niagara Health Navigator: Ontario’s First Mobile Tool for Integrated Care

Imagine how much time can be saved by a simpler registration process at the hospital. Think of how much easier it would be for doctors to diagnose and treat you, if your health data could be shared more easily between doctors, nurses, specialists and other care providers.

What if that could all be accomplished from your smartphone in a safe and secure way?

Niagara Health teamed up with technology partners IDENTOS Inc. and nCipher to bring Niagara Health Navigator to deliver Ontario’s first digital health ecosystem designed to protect patient privacy and security while connecting patients to their health data, care providers and innovators for secure, convenient, single-sign on access to digital health services in the region.

Making Connections

Niagara Health Navigator is being designed to put the patient at the heart of an ecosystem of care providers. That ecosystem would include hospital staff, family physicians, specialists, community health teams – even informal caregivers like family. 

With 60% of patients treated by multiple caregivers, real-time access to critical health information on a phone or tablet can make a real difference.

Over time, the Niagara Health Navigator will let patients use their digital identity to book appointments, register in advance at the hospital, or set up reminders and notifications anytime, on their mobile device.

“This is the latest example of Niagara Health’s commitment to using mobile technology to enhance healthcare and improve communication with their patients, their families and other care providers,” said Angela Zangari, Niagara Health’s Executive Vice President, Finance and Operations. “Using mobile technology to its fullest potential is a game-changer for patient care. Niagara Navigator’s impact on digital health information exchange will put Niagara Health at the cutting edge of connected healthcare.”

Niagara Health Navigator has been presented at industry conferences. On Wednesday, Niagara Health will host a webinar about the tool with Digital Health Canada – an organization working to make a difference in advancing healthcare through information, technology, and data management.

“Niagara Health Navigator will show how mobile technology can be used to create better experiences for our patients,” said Sime Pavlovic, Niagara Health’s Chief Innovation Officer. “This kind of mobile tool can work anywhere. We are already reaching out to potential collaborators, both from the healthcare field and from the technology sector, with the goal of having more hospitals participate.”

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