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Niagara Health Remains a Leader in Biomedical Engineering

Posted Jun 13th, 2019

Niagara Health Remains a Leader in Biomedical Engineering

Niagara Health is among a handful of hospitals in Canada that have gone through the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society’s peer review process – and part of an even smaller group to have done so twice.

We are proud to share that Niagara Health’s Biomedical Engineering team achieved Peer Reviewed status for the second time.

CMBES Peer Review at a Glance

In December of 2018, five surveyors from the CMBES reviewed the processes and practices implemented by the Biomedical Engineering Department at Niagara Health. The survey of all sites lasted for a week.

It took more than a year for the team to prepare for this review, which is similar to the accreditation process Niagara Health is currently engaged in. Surveyors met with customers and stakeholders to measure their satisfaction with the services provided. In addition to Biomedical Engineering staff, more than 40 people in leadership positions were interviewed, including 7 Senior Executives, 11 Directors, and 25 Managers.

The audit was based on the CMBES Clinical Engineering Standards of Practice (CESOP). The processes and practices employed by the Biomedical Engineering Department were benchmarked against relevant CESOP standards.

Praise from Surveyors

Surveyors noted that taking the initiative to re-certify for CMBES Peer Review represents confidence and high esteem amongst staff and management. It also demonstrates the commitment of the department for continuous improvement that is key for a quality management program.

Some of the strengths highlighted by the surveyors include:

  • Well-functioning structure
  • Education and training is priority
  • Strong positive team, has support of their clients
  • Commitment to exceptional customer service

Among their comments, the surveyors noted that Niagara Health’s Biomedical Engineering team received a wealth of praise from all their stakeholders.

CMBES surveyors also underlined the quality of the department’s management, praising Manager Krita Teeluckdharry for maintaining the department’s upswing, as well as Charge Technologist, Frank Gigliotti for his significant role in support of the program.

Congratulations to the Biomedical Engineering team for this outstanding achievement and national recognition as a high-performing team.

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