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Niagara Ontario Health Team - Submit Full Application to Ministry of Health

Posted Oct 9th, 2019

Niagara Ontario Health Team - Submit Full Application to Ministry of Health

La Niagara Ontario Health Team - Équipe Santé Ontario Niagara soumet une demande complète au Ministère de la Santé

The Niagara Ontario Health Team - Équipe Santé Ontario Niagara (NOHT-ESON) marked an important milestone today as 44 healthcare, the community support sector and social services across Niagara - which include 60 Primary Care Physicians, collectively submitted their Full Application to the Ministry of Health (MoH) in their next step in becoming a designated Ontario Health Team.

In February 2019, the Ministry of Health announced plans to better connect the healthcare system by implementing local Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). In April 2019, the Ministry of Health released a multi-phased process for formal applications by health and social service agencies seeking to be selected as an early implementer of the OHT concept. The MoH received 157 submissions from across the province and the NOHT-ESON submission was one of 31 teams invited to submit a Full Application.

Since the MoH invited the NOHT-ESON to submit their self-assessment on July 17, 2019, the NOHT-ESON Planning Table, comprised of a broad range of health organizations as well as patients/clients, families and caregivers, have been collaborating together to complete the Full Application for the October 9th deadline.

The application consisted of seven sections and two appendices requiring each Ontario Health Team to propose a plan and provide detailed evidence for year one. Aspects of the submission required establishing: a target population; priorities; key initiatives; an outline of the governance structure and; measurable outcomes. Teams that reflect the readiness and ability to successfully implement the model and year one expectations for OHTs, will move to the final stage of evaluation and may also be invited to participate in a community visit.

Over the long-term, the NOHT-ESON is committed to ongoing collaboration in recognition of the collective benefits of a continued partnership to form one Ontario Health Team. More importantly, NOHT-ESON acknowledges that this is the beginning of a journey to deliver on the vision of a full continuum of care that is integrated, innovative, and improves health outcomes, the patient/client and provider experience, and ensures value for our broader Niagara community.


“I truly believe that meaningful partnerships with patients/clients, families and caregivers is an integral element of any system design or programming - this cannot be truer in the development of a successful Ontario Health Team. As part of the Planning Table, I was pleased to see the commitment to co-design a model that focuses on patients/clients, their families and caregivers and all sectors of the community, including mental health, that not only enhances resources, but is coordinated and makes sense to those accessing the services. I am excited to be part of this ongoing process and look forward to continuing to be a strong voice for families as the planning continues.”

Sarah Cannon, Family/Caregiver Advisor, NOHT-ESON

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